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Changing the world of paper



Sugar beet paper from Dutch soil

Sugar beet paper from Dutch soil The third generation Crown Letsgo Inkjet masterminds
Changing the world of paper


let’s go

Boosting inkjet performance

Sugar beet paper from Dutch soil The third generation Crown Letsgo Inkjet masterminds
Changing the world of paper

Inkjet masterminds

Our know-how is unparalleled

Sugar beet paper from Dutch soil The third generation Crown Letsgo Inkjet masterminds

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Uncoated paper with the look & feel of coated offset

Find out why educational publishers around the world choose our paper.

Technical specialties


22 May 2024

Eurosac 2024

Crown Van Gelder International, together with value chain partners Cosun/ Novidon, Fiorini and DLF Seeds are participating in the EUROSAC Grand Prix awards. Together with DLF Seeds, we've developed an innovative single-layer eco bag that replaces a 3-layer corrugated box for grass seeds.
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09 October 2023

The papers from Crown Van Gelder International BV are Ecolabel certified by the European Union!

The renewal of the Ecolabel certification reflects our determination to provide environmentally friendly solutions not only to our customers but also to other value chain partners. It shows our compliance with the standards established by the European Union with one goal in mind: reducing our environmental footprint.
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08 September 2023

Crown Van Gelder is happy to announce that we are a partner in the Horizon Finishing First event 13- 15 September in Quickborn

In modern production and printing, we often focus on cutting-edge technology and processes to achieve Hi-Speed finishing and error-free results. But let's not overlook the crucial role that paper plays in this intricate dance of precision and efficiency.
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Our brands

Boosting inkjet performance

A silky look and feel. Powerful, vibrant colors. And print at full speed with the highest possible quality. Crown Letsgo sets a new standard in inkjet.

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Sugar beet paper from Dutch soil

Our greenest paper. Discover Crown Native: high-quality paper made with sugar beet pulp to save 16% on the environment.

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Changing the world of paper

Never settle for the status quo. For more than 125 years, it has been the cornerstone of everything we do at Crown Van Gelder. We are constantly reinventing ourselves to meet the evolving needs of publishers around the world. Our team develops innovative solutions that change the world of paper.

Our organization is at its best when challenged. Our industry-leading Crown Letsgo pushes the boundaries of what is possible with uncoated, digital printing. Or take Crown Native: the world’s first sugar beet paper produced on an industrial level. And as true ‘niche specialists’, we develop and produce paper for the most challenging applications for a variety of markets.


Excellent support

Our team of passionate paper experts is ready to find the ideal solution for your project. Whether it is already part of our extensive range or has yet to be developed.

Our products are developed in close cooperation with printer manufacturers. As a result, we have the knowledge and expertise in-house to provide the technical support you need.

With the expertise of our color specialist you get the most out of our products. Do you want the most vibrant, bold colors or low total cost of printing? We are happy to help you achieve an optimal end result.

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Our offer is extensive. Find the paper that suits your needs with our product finder. Curious about our advice? Our experts are happy to help you.

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