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Changing the world of paper

Innovative solutions for the most challenging problems. For over 125 years, Crown Van Gelder has been driving change in the paper industry. Fuelled by our relentless curiosity, we develop paper solutions that contribute to a better, greener future.

From bestsellers to ice cream wrappers. And from luxury shopping bags to primary packaging. Every year, Crown Van Gelder produces over 160 different types of paper for the most specific applications. Working together closely with our partners, our nimble organisation delivers solutions that fit our clients’ projects seamlessly.

How we’re driving change



As a leading producer of niche paper products, no challenge is too great for our team of experts.


Environmental responsibility

Through efficient production methods and by using alternative fibres in our products, we are reducing the environmental impact of our industry.



Crown Van Gelder believes that close collaborations are key to highly impactful, industry-changing innovation. With partners both in and outside the world of paper.

Our vision for 2030

We’re at the forefront of green innovation

Innovation is essential in creating a better, more sustainable future. That’s why we are reinventing every aspect of print to make our industry more planet proof. From paper made with sugar beet fibres, to our unique surface treatment that allows for unprecedented ink efficiency, to lightweight, higresh-opacity solutions that reduce the CO2 per page and minimise transport emissions.

Our mission, our vision

We are the preferred partner for sustainable paper solutions

A great company to work for

Partnerships are the key to impactful innovation.

We create innovative paper solutions with respect for the environment, people and society.

A smart and green factory

We want to contribute to a better world.

New ideas, new techniques and new products. For over a century, our organisation has been a pioneer in the world of paper. Today, perhaps more than ever, our world requires industry-changing solutions.

Crown Van Gelder believes in a sustainable future. We are committed to making not just our own company greener, but our entire industry. It’s an ambition that requires close collaboration between partners throughout the value chain and across industries. As a sustainable front-runner, we want to lead our the world of paper to better, planet-proof solutions. From cleaner and more efficient production processes to lighter paper and alternative fibres.

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