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Boosting inkjet performance
Group 407sf

Inkjet, for every purpose

A wide choice of whiteness and smoothness. Print powerful, vibrant colors at top speed without the slightest loss of quality. Crown Letsgo takes inkjet to an unprecedented level of performance. From full-color printing on the lightest paper, to achieving color contrasts previously thought only possible with offset printing. That is why inkjet is gaining ground in various markets. From transactional work to books and from commercial applications to packaging.

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Unrivalled optical density

Through continuous bundling of innovations in our paper composition we catch the ink where it counts: right at the surface. The result? Crisp details and vibrant colours, printed with less ink than ever.

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Optimal runnability

From print to finish. Crown Letsgo is designed for fast and hassle-free production. We guarantee speeds as high as 300 meters a minute, while maintaining highest print quality.

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Expertise included

Rest assured you’re making the most of your printer output with the help of our very own colour management specialist. By working together to obtain a dedicated output profile and well-chosen dryer settings, you’ll optimise quality and minimise your total cost of print.

Boosting inkjet performance

High performance with water-based inkjet printing technology. Thanks to close collaboration with HP, Canon, Ricoh, Screen, Xerox, Kyocera, and others, Crown Letsgo ensures top-notch performance, now and in the future.

Optimised for your machine

Thanks to our long-standing partnerships with all major printer manufacturers, we can deliver paper that’s optimised for your machine. Whether it’s a decade old or brand new. This not only ensures the highest possible print quality, but optimal uptime of your machine as well.

Group 407sf

The perfect partner

By working with Crown van Gelder, you’ll be choosing a stable partner for years to come. With two paper machines in our factory in Velsen-Noord, we have the largest capacity for inkjet-optimised paper in the world. Based on our extensive knowledge of various market segments, our development team is working tirelessly to suit your needs even better. And as a typical, down-to-earth Dutch company you can count on us to speak our languages, do what we say, and deliver constant quality.

Crown Letsgo in use