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Boosting inkjet performance
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NEW: Crown Letsgo High Performance 140 and 180 gsm (7 and 9 pt)

Direct mail is about first impressions and visual impact. Getting your message delivered in a timely, reliable and affordable way is essential.

Available January ’23

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First class inkjet printed result

Crisp details and vibrant colours, while saving ink.

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Highest speed settings

We guarantee maximum speed on all printers.

Excellent finishing reliability

Crown Letsgo is designed for fast and hassle-free production. From print to finish.

Lower postal tariffs potential 

A lighter substrate fulfilling all postal requirements.

Hyper-personalized campaigns to boost your conversion rate

Direct mail offers appealing targeted messaging to each person individually. The exceptional print quality makes your message stand out. Whether it’s color brochures, discount coupons, post-cards or personalized gift cards direct mail is the perfect addition to your cross-channel marketing strategy.

Perfect results on every inkjet platform

Thanks to our long-standing partnerships with all major printer manufacturers, we can deliver paper that’s optimised for your machine. This not only ensures the highest possible print quality, but optimal uptime of your machine as well.

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