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Board liners

Strength, opacity, print quality and food-safety. Whatever your functional needs are for solid board or corrugated board liner, Crown van Gelder can deliver.

Built to perform

Crown van Gelder has developed several uncoated liners for solid board or corrugated board for distinct applications.Our solid board liners are highly opaque, with an even formation. Its perfect printability and high white or natural white appearance transform your boxes into luxury packaging. For corrugated board we deliver strong liners available in a range of basis weights that enhance the strength of corrugated boxes. The white paper with high print quality offers a perfect finish for your boxes.Our latest innovation is Crown Native: paper made with sugar beet pulp. By using this alternative fibre, we managed to improve the paper’s environmental footprint by 16% compared to our traditional paper. Read more about Crown Native here.Our team of experts is more than happy to discuss your needs and find a suitable solution for your project.

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Eric Koops
Product Manager Packaging, Label & Technical Specialties
+31 683 966 834

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Available products

Crown Form Lasercard
Crown Shopping Bag White
Crown Liner
Crown WFP
Crown Native


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