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Bold colours, crisp details, and a highly relevant message printed just in time. Make your promotional material stand out.

Create effective, eye-catching promotional campaigns

For years, our uncoated wood-free grades for traditional offset print have been serving the promotional market well. Today, savvy marketers are discovering the many advantages of using inkjet for promotional print. It allows for targeted or even personalised messages, printed quickly, reliably and cost-effectively. Our Letsgo range, with its unique paper treatment, catches the ink right at the surface of the paper. It’s the key to our industry-leading print performance, with high optical density, unrivalled ink efficiency and vivid colours.

The excellent runability of our Letsgo range on the fastest inkjet presses ensures your campaign can be printed and finished quickly, hassle free and just in time. We have extensive experience in inkjet press tuning to optimise quality, while minimising ink usage and reducing your total cost of print. The result: uncompromised quality and efficiency. Our Letsgo papers also enable hybrid solutions, combining UV-offset and toner printing with inkjet. Or why not use these alternative print methods alongside inkjet print on one and the same paper?

Download paper specifications

Download our portfolio including all product specifications in an easy PDF file.


Market segments

Posters and graphic displays

Discover our Letsgo portfolio for affordable, high-quality inkjet printing for posters and displays, as well as our grades for design printing.


Print flyers, brochures and leaflets at low to medium volumes with uncompromised quality and speed in inkjet, or larger volumes in offset presses.

Direct mail

A relevant message is key to a successful direct-mail campaign. Discover our options for targeted, personalised content with the right look and feel.

Sugar packaged in sugar beet paper

A world first. In 2020, we announced Crown Native: the first ‘sugar beet paper’ to be produced at an industrial scale. Aside from being strong, affordable and food safe, the paper has a reduced environmental impact: 16% less than our ‘traditional’ paper. Crown Native was developed in close collaboration with sugar beet cooperative Cosun Beet Company, who not only supply the required sugar beet pulp, but also package their sugar in the paper.

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