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Uncoated paper with the look and feel of coated offset. Find out why our paper is the number one choice for educational publishers worldwide.

The next chapter for uncoated paper

A silky touch. Bold colours, crisp detail and matching PPI. Lightweight, but with high opacity. For over a decade, Crown Van Gelder has been pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with uncoated paper. Through innovations such as our unique surface treatment, our product range has brought the look and feel of coated offset to laser and inkjet printing.

Developed in close collaboration with print providers, all our papers feature unparalleled runability of up to 300 meters (984 ft) per minute, which minimises downtime and ensures your machine can be run by a single operator. Moreover, through our large network of trusted printers all over the globe and the support of our colour specialist, publishers can rest assured that they can deliver the same quality worldwide.

Download paper specifications

Download our portfolio including all product specifications in an easy PDF file.


Market segments


A premium look and feel to match the image of A-class brands. Read more about our products for manuals in the automotive industry.


High quality, digital, on-demand print available worldwide. Find out more about our lightweight products for scientific, medical and technical journals.

Educational print

Lightweight, high opacity and a natural shine. Discover our industry-leading solutions for educational print.

Trade books

Crown Van Gelder delivers highly tailored solutions for trade books. Both for the large volumes of offset, and serving the long tail with on-demand high-speed inkjet printing.

Sugar packaged in sugar beet paper

A world first. In 2020, we announced Crown Native: the first ‘sugar beet paper’ to be produced at an industrial scale. Aside from being strong, affordable and food safe, the paper has a reduced environmental impact: 16% less than our ‘traditional’ paper. Crown Native was developed in close collaboration with sugar beet cooperative Cosun Beet Company, who not only supply the required sugar beet pulp, but also package their sugar in the paper.

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