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Technical specialties

Our customers rely on our expertise for a range of technical specialties. Let our team of experts help you find tailored solutions for projects with the most specific requirements.

Better solutions through co-creation

From paper for self-adhesive labels, to security paper for stamps and cheques. And from poster base paper to solutions for metallising or lamination. Every day we deliver products tailor made to meet highly specific needs. By working closely with partners throughout the production chain, we develop innovative solutions together. We are always looking for partners to start a dialogue and explore new options, so do not hesitate to get in touch.

Download paper specifications

Download our portfolio including all product specifications in an easy PDF file.


Market segments

Label face paper

Logistics labelling paper for laser, inkjet and thermal transfer print. And water-based inkjet papers ideal for on-demand printing. Discover our range of base papers for self-adhesive labels.

Industrial specialties

Security, lamination base and coating base papers. Our portfolio includes solutions for a wide range of industrial specialties. Find out how we can help you.

Our paper in use