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Crown Van Gelder announces new direct mail inkjet paper

High energy costs, rising postal tariffs and other inflationary factors are here to stay. In response to increased needs for affordable direct mail inkjet paper with high quality print results, Crown Van Gelder recently launched their extended portfolio of Crown Letsgo High Performance, with 140 and 180 gsm – 7 and 9 pt caliper – for stiff but lighter one piece mailers and direct mail cards. This extended range is commercially available in Europe and North America from January 2023. It will make the difference for many printers and their customers, to enable printed messaging to remain an important part of their marketing strategy.

Inkjet printing is becoming a main stream method for every market segment needing print as a functional part for communication, promotion and visibility. More, but smaller orders, the need for personalization, fast response and acceptable cost are the main drivers. Inkjet treated and inkjet coated substrates will be a vital part of this growth, supporting vibrant print results, lower drying requirements (energy savings), reduced ink consumption and faster speed compared to non-treated or offset coated substrates.

Ask for a sample set or further info through your local commercial channel, or visit

Perce Thrower
Sales Manager UK & Ireland
+44 (0)7555 182706

Crown Van Gelder – Changing the world of paper
Crown Van Gelder produces around 180,000 tons of paper annually, for customers all over the world in the graphics, label and packaging industry. Innovation is in our DNA, striving for efficiency improvements and tangible circular economy solutions in the entire paper chain.

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