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Home News Crown Van Gelder is happy to announce that we are a partner in the Horizon Finishing First event 13- 15 September in Quickborn

Crown Van Gelder is happy to announce that we are a partner in the Horizon Finishing First event 13- 15 September in Quickborn

In modern production and printing, we often focus on cutting-edge technology and processes to achieve Hi-Speed finishing and error-free results. But let’s not overlook the crucial role that paper plays in this intricate dance of precision and efficiency. Paper selection is more than aesthetics; it’s about facilitating a fast and error free finishing process. The right paper can significantly enhance production speed, thanks to its smooth surface, dimensional stability, and compatibility with high-speed machinery. It ensures that your finishing process keeps pace with today’s demanding timelines.

Precision and consistency are paramount in finishing. The characteristics of the paper, such as weight, stiffness and finish, play a pivotal role in ensuring accurate folding, cutting, and binding. When paper behaves predictably, you reduce the chances of errors and rework, ultimately saving time and resources. Don’t underestimate the importance of paper selection. It’s not just a medium; it’s a critical component of your production success.

Next time you look at a perfectly finished product, remember that paper is the unsung hero behind the scenes. Choose wisely, and it will help you achieve the precision and efficiency your projects deserve.

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25 May 2023

Fespa Global Print Expo 2023

An amazing show in the Messe Munich during 23-26 May with around 60.000 visitors so far. During the Expo HP presented the new HP PWXL 8200 Pro Printer (reels) successfully with our Letsgo High Performance 140 and 180gsm (7&9 PT) substrates.
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01 March 2023

Press release: CVG is Changing the World of Paper

We are very happy to be at Hunkeler Innovation Days celebrating the relaunch of Crown Van Gelder International B.V. Not only is CVG now in its best financial position in our 126 year history (debt free with 30 million Euros of equity), we will actually be able to grow our 250 person work force this year.
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09 October 2023

The papers from Crown Van Gelder International BV are Ecolabel certified by the European Union!

The renewal of the Ecolabel certification reflects our determination to provide environmentally friendly solutions not only to our customers but also to other value chain partners. It shows our compliance with the standards established by the European Union with one goal in mind: reducing our environmental footprint.
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