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Inkjet Summit

During 24-26 April Crown Van Gelder is at the Inkjet Summit in Austin Texas USA

The Inkjet Summit is an amazing event and an uniquely valuable experience. As an industry leader in the area of Inkjet substrates we look forward talking to many partners and experts about optimizing the Inkjet production process and how to lower your Total Cost of Print.

It has been almost two decades ago since our first inkjet paper helped to transform the digital print market. The Crown Letsgo grades continue to push the boundaries of what is possible with inkjet printing. From full-colour printing on lightweight paper to achieving colour gamut nearing offset print quality.

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18 March 2022

Homework on sustainable sugarbeet paper?

Homework on sustainable sugarbeet paper? It is possible!
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28 October 2020

The extra step forward

As you might know the paper industry is a very Circular industry. E.g.
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08 December 2022

New direct mail inkjet paper from Crown Van Gelder

We recorded the very first run of the new Crown Letsgo High Performance with 140 and 180 gsm - 7 and 9 pt caliper - for stiff but lighter one piece mailers and direct mail cards. This extended range is commercially available in Europe and North America from January 2023. Watch the movie below to get a sneak peek.
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