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Crown Form Lasercard

Starting at 100 gsm up to 170 gsm, Crown Form Lasercard is the extender of any offset and/or laser printed work requiring a combination with Crown Form Laser of Crown Offset in a higher grammage, or as an OCR guaranteed grade on its own. All Crown Form Lasercard in 3rd Gen can also be ordered as sheets, minimum order for * marked one pallet, otherwise 3 tonnes.

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Bernard Wesselink
Product Manager Transactional & Promotional
+31 (0)620 708 274

Print methodsOffset, Laser
Inkjet treatment none
Inkjet Press compatibilitynot specified
Bulk (cm³/g)1.20
Bendtsen roughness (ml/min)245
CIE Whiteness 139
Basis weight (g/m²)Caliper (μm)OpacityAvailability
13015498On request


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Boosting inkjet performance
Crown Letsgo is leading the inkjet paper innovation

Inkjet, for any purpose

A wide choice in look and feel. Bold, vibrant colours And full-speed printing without the slightest loss in quality. Crown Letsgo is pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with inkjet printing. From full-colour printing on the lightest paper, to achieving colour contrasts previously only thought possible with offset print. Therefore, inkjet is gaining ground in a range of markets. From transactional print to publishing and from commercial print to packaging. Now also available in large format sheets!

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