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Crown Letsgo Silk 3rd Gen

Our signature inkjet grade, not only for publishing, but also for a wide variety of promotional applications. It is what leading brand owners like to see. An ever so slight gloss, a coated look and feel, in two shades and availability in two varieties, each for a specific group of inkjet presses to ensure an excellent print result in inkjet. The glossy full colour toner result will surprise you as well.

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Bernard Wesselink
Product Manager Transactional & Promotional
+31 (0)620 708 274


letsgo Silk 3rd Gen

Grade spec176200
Print methodsfull colour inkjet, UV offset, toner
Inkjet treatmentdye and pigment
Inkjet Press compatibilityHP, Kodak Prosper, BlueCrest, FujiFilm, Screen Truepress 520 HD, Ricoh Pro VC60000/70000, ALL sheet fed printers. 115 gsm and higher: Canon ColorStream Chroma
Bulk (cm^3/g)1.00
Bendtsen roughness (ml/min)30
CIE Whiteness (-)124
Gloss 75ยบ16
Basisweight (g/m2)Thickness (micron/pt)OpacityAvailability
10010294.5On request
17017399On request
235238/999.7On request


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Boosting inkjet performance
Crown Letsgo is leading the inkjet paper innovation

Inkjet, for any purpose

A wide choice in look and feel. Bold, vibrant colours And full-speed printing without the slightest loss in quality. Crown Letsgo is pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with inkjet printing. From full-colour printing on the lightest paper, to achieving colour contrasts previously only thought possible with offset print. Therefore, inkjet is gaining ground in a range of markets. From transactional print to publishing and from commercial print to packaging. Now also available in large format sheets!