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Crown Letsgo Silk 3rd Gen

High-white label facepaper for water-based inkjet print. Uncoated, silky smooth, bright white and vibrant colours.

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letsgo Silk 3rd Gen

Grade spec176200
Printing methodfull colour inkjet, UV offset, toner
Inkjet treatmentdye and pigment
Special featuresUncoated Silky-smooth paper for high quality inkjet print product labels.
CIE Whiteness125
Basis weight (g/m²)Caliper (μm)Bekk Smoothness Topside (s)Tensile MD/CD (kg/15 mm)Tear MD/CD (mN)
65662457.1 / 3.6490 / 500
7070.52457.6 / 3.7520 / 550
8080.52408.1 / 4.2570 / 610
9090.52308.7 / 4.4600 / 660
1001022109.7 / 4.9700 / 800
11511720510.3 / 5.3770 / 870
14014120011.7 / 6.5950 / 1100


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Boosting inkjet performance
Crown Letsgo is leading the inkjet paper innovation

Inkjet, for every purpose

A wide choice of whiteness and smoothness. Print powerful, vibrant colors at top speed without the slightest loss of quality. Crown Letsgo takes inkjet to an unprecedented level of performance. From full-color printing on the lightest paper, to achieving color contrasts previously thought only possible with offset printing. That is why inkjet is gaining ground in various markets. From transactional work to books and from commercial applications to packaging. Now also available in large format sheets!