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Crown Native

Uncoated paper made with sugar beet pulp. By using locally available agricultural side streams, Crown Native’s environmental footprint is 16% smaller than our traditional paper. The visible sugar beet fibres give your packaging a unique appearance.

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Product Manager Packaging, Label & Technical Specialties
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Grade spec199269
Special featuresPaper with 20% Sugarbeet fiber.
CIE Whiteness75
Baseweight (g/m2)Caliper (um) Bentsen roughness Topside (ml/min)Tensile MD/CD (kg/15 mm)Tear MD/CD (mN)TEA MD/CD (J/m2) Burst (kPa)Burst (kPa)
708919010.4 / 3.4890 / 1080102 / 155240
8010019011.1 / 3.51000 / 1250112 / 155260
9011426011.3 / 4.01130 / 1400115 / 160270


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Dutch grown sugar beet paper
Dutch grown sugar beet paper

Dutch grown sugar beet paper

Crown van Gelder is making paper greener than ever. Discover Crown Native: high-quality paper made with sugar beet pulp, a raw material that saves 80% on the environment compared to wood pulp cellulose.

Crown Native is strong, affordable, food-safe and can be re-used up to seven times. In short: a green front-runner in paper for commercial print.

Turn your packaging into a statement with Crown Native.