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Going the extra mile

Quick and effective communication. Short, reliable lead times. And expert advice tailored to your needs. Our entire organisation has been set up to help you succeed. From our global network of regional sales officers with knowledge of local market conditions, to our dedicated product managers, specialised in your market segment. We are committed to making your daily contact with our organisation as easy as possible.



Sustainable Innovation

Crown Van Gelder has a long track record of industry-changing solutions. With the evolving needs of the market as our North Star, we are constantly working on new products to serve our clients even better. Using solutions ranging from inline-paper surface treatment, coatings and alternative fibres, we combine optimal product performance with a low environmental footprint.

We believe that collaborating with parties throughout the value chain is key to impactful, green innovation. Our nimble organisation allows us to iterate on ideas rapidly, and move from prototype to production quickly. Do you have an idea that you would like to discuss? We look forward to talking to you!