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Our world is changing rapidly. More and more, businesses are committed to making a positive impact on the world through partnerships, innovation and talent development.

Crown Van Gelder wants to be one of the front runners of this sustainable future. Through social and environmental leadership, we want to change the world of paper.

Our vision for this decade consists of several goals to be reached by 2030. The following goals lay the foundation for long-term, sustainable growth and are good for our company, our people and our planet.



A niche player, specialised in alternative fibres

We are innovators at heart. For over 125 years, our organisation has kept reinventing itself to meet the changing demands of the market. As a result of that drive to find new solutions, we develop and deliver specialised products for the most challenging applications. Our goal for 2030 is for our output to consist of 75% specialised products. Products where our innovative power and expertise are indispensable.

We believe that alternative fibres are the future of sustainable paper. Replacing wood fibres with fibres from agricultural residue streams significantly reduces a paper’s CO2 footprint. With Crown Native, our sugar beet paper, we have proven to be a true front runner in this area. Over the next decade, we want to collaborate with multiple organisations to create more papers using alternative fibres from locally sourced residue streams. Our 2030 target: for 20% of our fibre to be from alternative sources.

Naturally, all our wood fibres used in our products are sourced from responsibly and sustainably managed forests. In addition, we have joined the Canopy Planet initiative, further solidifying our commitment to never use fibres from problematic sources.


Satisfied customers and strategic partnerships

Long-term relationships are key to long-term success. We see ourselves as true partners of our customers. In addition to delivering high-quality paper, we also provide advice on improving their total cost of print. We want to understand the challenges our clients are facing, so we can not only deliver what they need today, but also develop solutions that meet their requirements tomorrow.

Our sustainable ambitions go beyond our own organisation. We don’t just want to become greener ourselves, we want to change the world of paper. Collaborating with organisations throughout the value chain and across industries helps us find impactful sustainable solutions. It allows us to come to fresh, innovative ideas that we can then develop and implement quickly. By working together in the value chain, innovations gain momentum and have the potential to change an industry.

An example is on-demand high-speed inkjet printing. Over the past decade, we have contributed to the growth of this development by introducing Crown Letsgo. Research has shown on-demand printing in the Publishing market has a positive sustainability impact, reducing wood consumption by 8% and reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 24%.



A great company to work for

Our people play a key role in our ambitions. For over 125 years, the dedication of the team members at Crown Van Gelder has been key to our success. We feel being a good employer means making sure all our colleagues are healthy, engaged in their work and have many opportunities to develop their talents. It means creating a place where everyone feels safe and at home and receives the support to get the best out of themselves.