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Inkjet masterminds

Our know-how is unparalleled

Almost two decades ago, our first inkjet paper transformed the digital print market. The Crown Letsgo grades continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible with inkjet printing. From full-colour printing on lightweight paper to achieving colour gamut nearing offset print quality.

We are the inkjet masterminds.

Dedicated to inkjet

Since the start of this century, Crown Van Gelder has worked closely with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s) and print providers to develop the ideal solution for inkjet print. During DRUPA 2012 we introduced a revolutionary substrate that reshaped the market: Crown Letsgo Silk, a true inkjet treated paper with a coated look & feel. Ever since, our paper has been the go-to choice for publishers around the globe. Of course, our development never stops, launching the third generation of Crown Letsgo in 2021.

Constant quality & availability

By working with Crown Van Gelder, you’ll be choosing a stable partner for years to come. With two fully equipped paper machines, we have the largest capacity for inkjet-optimized paper in the world. Based on our extensive knowledge of various market segments, our development team is working tirelessly to suit your needs even better. And as a typical, down-to-earth Dutch company you can count on us to speak your language, do what we say we’ll do, and deliver constant quality.

Excellent colour performance

Rest assured you’re making the most of your printer output with the help of our very own colour management specialist. By working together to obtain a dedicated output profile and well-chosen dryer settings, you’ll optimise quality and minimise your total cost of print.

Innovative & sustainable

Inkjet technology offers not only individual messaging but it also contributes to a lower environmental footprint. The inks used are waterbased. Compared to analog printing techniques inkjet printing is fully flexible, you only print what you need and where you need it. This helps to minimise waste, transport and storage. And most importantly: our true inkjet paper enables you to reduce both ink usage as well as drying energy compare to standard paper.

Expertise & Service included

Quick and effective communication. Short, reliable lead times. And expert advice tailored to your needs. Our entire organisation has been set up to help you succeed. From our global network of regional sales officers with knowledge of local market conditions, to our dedicated product managers, specialised in your market segment. We are committed to making your daily contact with our organisation simple and easy.

Group 414

Bold, vibrant colours. Full speed printing without a glitch. Crown Letsgo is taking inkjet performance to levels never seen before, thanks to perfect tuning to new inks and on-site service of our expert team.

Market-driven inkjet solutions

“Crown Van Gelder has a long track record of industry-changing solutions. We are a true believer and early adopter of high speed inkjet, a technology with many benefits. With the evolving need of markets as our North Star, we are constantly working on new products to serve our clients even better. Using solutions ranging from inline-paper surface treatment to coatings and alternative fibres, we combine optimal product performance with a low environmental footprint.”

Ad Sies
Marketing director
Powerful colours and unprecedented ink efficiency

“Our industry-leading treatment catches the ink where it counts: right at the surface of the paper. The result? Crisp details, powerful colours and unprecedented ink efficiency. Moreover, all of our products come with the expertise of colour management included. So whether you need the most vibrant, bold colours, or you require a cost-optimised solution, we can help. With extensive knowledge of creating custom printer profiles, we will ensure you’re getting the best out of your machine, tuned to your wishes.”

Rob Bouwmans
Sales Support & Colour Specialist
Smooth production guaranteed

“From print to finish. Crown Letsgo has been engineered for a fast and hassle-free production process. Run at up to 300 meters a minute while maintaining the highest possible quality. Moreover, thanks to our long-standing partnerships with all major printer manufacturers, we can deliver paper that’s optimized for your machine. Whether it’s a decade old or brand new. This not only ensures the highest possible print quality, but optimal uptime of your machine as well.”

Jan Rops
Product Manager
Collaboration is key

“Crown Van Gelder advocates value chain partnership for impactful, future proof innovation. That’s why Crown Letsgo has been developed in close collaboration with leaders in inkjet technology and variable print production. Collaboration is key to finding novel solutions that suit customers. It’s why inkjet is gaining ground in a range of markets. From transactional print to publishing. And from commercial print to packaging.”

Bernard Wesselink
Product & project management

Our inkjet innovation track record

Brand New Crown Letsgo High Performance Grades: 140 And 180 Gsm (7 And 9 Pt.). Ideal For Direct Mail.

More square meters per tonne. Our team extends the Crown Letsgo High Performance grammage range. Stiff and light, these new grammages are ideal for one piece mailers and direct mail cards.

Third Generation of Crown Letsgo

Better to best. With the third generation of Crown Letsgo, we reaffirm our status as the market leader in digital inkjet print.

Colour Management Expertise

Best Total Cost of Print. With Rob we add colour management know-how and print room expertise to our team. The concept of TCOP reduction is introduced, benefiting many of our customers.


In 2013, Crown Van Gelder concentrated on broadening its portfolio, emphasizing on publishing, promotional, and transactional. Numerous new grades were introduced, earning recognition for their exceptional compatibility with inkjet presses. Our partnerships with OEMs such as HP, Canon, Ricoh, Screen, and others deepened, enhancing the quality of our products and services.

Crown Letsgo Silk transforms the market

Crown Letsgo Silk at DRUPA. Thanks to its excellent runnability with coated look and feel, Crown Letsgo quickly becomes the standard for inkjet print.

Expanding to pigment inks

Expansion of grades. We support the transition from dye based ink to pigment based ink and the migration to higher quality full colour inkjet printing.

First steps in inkjet paper

Crown Digital DS. This is how we name our first dye ink treated paper. DS stands for Dye Speed.