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Crown Form Laser

The workhorse grade that combines offset and laser printability with the required strength for fan-folding after printing, ready for the finishing line. When OCR readability is paramount, Crown Form Laser OCR provides the required spotless basis. Crown Form Laser A4 has been specifically developed for A4 copier sheet, where medium white paper is preferred. All Crown Form Laser grades can also be ordered as sheets, minimum order quantity 3 tonnes.

Overleg met onze expert

Bernard Wesselink
Product Manager Transactional & Promotional
+31 (0)620 708 274

Print methodsOffset, laser
Inkjet treatmentnone
Inkjet Press compatibilitynot specified
Bulk (cm³/g)1.25
Bendtsen roughness (ml/min)210
CIE Whiteness (-)139
Basis weight (g/m²)Caliper (μm)Opacity


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